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The word “Diet” you would hear it even if you are not into fitness, I bet you heard it multiple times and probably attached to it another word like Ketogenic or Vegan. A diet is a discipline method you follow on certain food course over certain time or hopefully becoming a lifestyle for you to accomplish health and body related goals. Just so you know, there are many more different types of diets for weight loss or weight gain and branches are extending from them.

What I am about to tell you might be incomprehensible (I don’t blame you, you have been misinformed), neither follow a diet nor be on a diet if you are not willing to turn it into a lifestyle. If you are on something it means you will be off of it sooner or later, this is what caused most people who were on strict diet to go rouge and not achieve their goals. But first, know your options and so here are types of diets for weight loss.

The Zone Diet

This is my favorite type of which I turned it into my lifestyle. This diet is where you have to follow specific ratio of macros, carbs comes first slightly higher percentage compare to protein and fat. If I were your nutritionist, I will focus on protein first and lead with that depending on your goals usually 75% of your total body weight till 200% and from there I will derive the rest of macros carbs and fat. Keep in mind carbs will still hold higher portion, what I mentioned above about protein is nothing compared to the overall daily calorie intakes.

If you are on your own as a beginner do not worry, just use your hand to follow through. Five fingers means five meals divided throughout the day excluding sleeping hours and protein is the size of your palm. As for advanced trainees, a calculation of everything should be taking, from body measurements to macros intakes. The diet is sufficient, it worked for decades for a reason and it will continue to work.

The Paleo Diet

Aka The Caveman diet, indicating the food side of the equation not the personalities LOL (or so we were told by history…). This diet is all about whole foods, so it eliminates the possibilities of major diseases caused by the bad modern lifestyle like diabetes and heart diseases.

Your source of protein will be the basics such as eggs, fish (sea food in general) and meat. As for the carbs, they will be tubers, vegetables and fruits and for fat nuts, seeds and other healthy fats. As for the no no list, the most obvious one are processed foods; every food that been tampered with, like food with labels that says low fat, full cream or diet, all of them are the opposite food source during stone age era… matter a fact they were non-exiting.

Then you have sugar related products like soft drinks, candies and the rest of the “Sugar Gang” members. Dairy, legumes and grains fall on the same list along with trans fats. Let us say you are not a hardcore Paleo fan, you may add grass feed products as well as some gluten free grains because these are been scientifically proven that they are on the healthy category.

The Vegan Diet

The Vegan diet in my opinion tends to lean on the spiritual side of someone’s discipline choice or simply for health and environmental reasons.

This diet is the extreme type of vegetarian diet, where the vegan differs from it by not consuming also any products made by animals or their skins such as eggs, honey and dairy.

Protein sources will be beans and various options of seeds and legumes, then you have carbs with high amounts in potatoes and rice also fruits and vegetables. Fat are available in coconut and olive oils.

The Ketogenic & Atkins Diets

The macro “Carbohydrate” is the one bringing these two together, they are all about carbs restrictions. Their main goal on holding back the carbs, is to force the body to use stored fat as fuel rather the energy from the carbs (either good ones or bad ones) consumed… this state is called “Ketosis”. Since a gram of fat equals to 9 calories, both of the diets depend on fat to reach the recommended calorie intake of the day.

That been said both diets also have differences, take Atkins diet for example the carbs intake increases from one phase to another totally in four phases course, which means carbs are introduced back to the equation eventually, while in Ketogenic diet the carbs intake stays as it is (specific percentage). Also, protein wise, in Ketogenic diet the intake is limited as suppose to Atkins diet which is open.

Change Your Lifestyle Already

Wish to lose weight? the Zone diet keeps your overall calories intakes on check without losing your mind by restricting one of the three macros (Carbs, Protein and Fat). I would recommend Paleo diet for everyone if it were not so dang expensive, I do not know about the rest of the world but here in my country every food that is fresh and whole, you need to be financially stable to afford eating whole food on a regular basis.

I do not know much about Vegan, but usually I go on a Vegan diet once or twice a week… but here is my problem with it, you would not get much of calcium, iron and Vit B12 that is critical especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As for Ketogenic and Atkins diets, sure you will lose weight fast but again it depends on your condition, I would not recommend it unless your doctor gives you a green light.

As any other diet course, I would suggest a doctor consultation before following through new eating habits. Now that you are familiar with the top diets out there, you need to make a decision and stick to it as a lifestyle forever.

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6 thoughts on “Types of Diets for Weight Loss, Change Your Lifestyle

  1. The Paleo Diet is new to me, and naming it the caveman direct is interesting, typically that’s the diet of our ancestors.
    It can be tough to switch into such a diet, but I believe the benefits would be great, this is healthy eating.
    One thing regarding the portions here and the frequency is eating meat, caveman or our ancestors did not eat meat every day and regularly with the quantity we do today, mostly their diet consisted of veggies, and they ate meat when they hunted. I strongly believe that this balance in the portions and frequency of meat has a lot of effect on the health of the individual.

    1. Hey Salim,
      “The Caveman” I know right LOL!
      I totally agree with you regarding the consistency of meat devouring, I read about a certain culture during the 7th century that they purposely restrict meat of their diet and limit it to once a week.
      It has a huge impact on their health as suppose to our century unfortunately.

      I hope the post benefits you somehow.
      Thank you.

  2. Hi Said, a great list of potential diets for people to choose from. They were well explained and gave people enough information to decide if it’s the one for them.
    I personally went for the Mediterranean Diet, although you didn’t mention it on this post.
    It worked for me, it was more of a lifestyle change than a diet. I dropped 56lb in 12 months as my plan was to lose 1lb a week. I didn’t want the fast weight loss as I have done this in the past and always put it back on. I have kept the weight of for 6 months now as I now have control over what I am eating.

    Maybe you could do a post on the Mediterranean Diet if you have not already done so, just a suggestion.

    Thanks for the info,

    1. Hello Frank,
      I’m glad you found the post read-friendly and beneficial.
      Thank you for sharing your experience of Mediterranean diet with us, the reason I didn’t mentioned it because it comes in varieties styles depending on the country you live in and it’s not that unique like the rest, it is similar to Paleo but focuses more on veggies and sea foods.
      But it helps you a lot and that’s what we’re looking for, stick to it as long as you benefit from it.

      This post was intended as general knowledge for beginners, I’ll write every diets out there in details in the future.
      Thank you.

  3. Very insightful post! I believe we should try out all these mentioned diets and see what works for us. Some might find one diet more suitable to their lifestyle than others.
    One diet I would recommend adding to this post is the carnivore diet. It’s similar to the “caveman” diet, however it eliminates anything that isn’t animal procured (so no fruits or veggies!).
    It’s very confusing to know what diet to follow, which one has the most benefits, how to leverage their pros and cons. Maybe share a few study links on each?

    1. Hi Yahya,
      I’m glad you found it helpful.
      Carnivore diet is sufficient for a certain condition, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a lifestyle. With it you have to follow a zero carbs rules, that could be dangerous and very difficult.
      I understand getting ripped and shredded is super cool, but a zero carbs method could mess up you mental health, I’m happy to say that I’m shredded and I’m following the Zone diet.

      Seen this was just general knowledge of the diets out there, on the future I’ll write in specific details on each and I’ll include study links on each.
      Thank you very much for the suggestions and your visit.

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