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I bet that you never once visited a gym and not notice colorful elastic bands hanging, used or lying around the workout areas or a female Instagram fitness pop star wrapped around her legs bands of different shapes and sizes and not wonder “Resistance Band For Strength Training ?”.

Well, lucky you… I am here to break it down for you in simple English the concept of Resistance Band For Strength Training and mentioning few of its benefits.

The Bands

Resistance bands are elastic rubber bands based material, free or with handles and looped or straight shaped like. Used as additional resistance force to the body weight with respect to the gravity force.

Depending on its material consistency (band’s tightness or thickness), the force of resistance provided them differs from light to super heavy.

The extra resistance causes you to push harder on your regular exercises which is in turn strengthen your muscles, range of motion and stamina.

Use the resistance bands as a challenger to your regular routine; because they are applicable to all of your daily workouts and you will be surprised how effective they are.

Some of Their Benefits

Portable and Compact

Resistance bands are the most convenient workout equipment ever made, you can carry them anywhere. You can use them at the beach, gym, home or the park. They are so light and small that they can fit in between spaces of your traveling luggage.


Resistance band come in a varies resistance levels identified by their thickness, this means it is suitable for any and all fitness levels.

Muscle Warm-up and Activation

Resistance bands are great tools for warm up and muscle activation prior to intense workouts and cardio. Also, they are used to target tiny, difficult and unreachable muscle areas.

Workout Assistance

Even though resistance bands provide resistance as the name suggests it, they are also used as assistance equipment on performing certain exercises such as pull ups; by attaching them to your feet and the bar they push your body away from the gravity direction.

Flexibility and Mobility

Resistance bands are fantastic for flexibility and mobility, whether you lack both of them or no they go well with stretching out you whole body.

Rehabilitation and For Elders

Resistance bands are the number one tools used for rehabilitation of muscle injuries and are suitable for elderly folks; they are safe to the joints and do not require a gravity force to perform movement they can be done while sitting.


So there you have it… resistance bands are awesome for strength training, because at the end of the day it provides you with an external force that you may use it however you see fit. They got multiple benefits which all play in your favor, so go ahead and get you a set of them.

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2 thoughts on “Resistance Band For Strength Training, Possible?

  1. An informative article indeed! I always thought that resistance bands were just a hobby for fitness trainers but I never knew the real benefits of improving your health in relieving muscle injuries which I think is amazing. I like the fact that there are convenient and easy to carry. I think that everybody should have one of those for exercises. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Carmeta,
      I look at everything this way… if it helps improve my overall health, I’ll be the first one to use it no time waste.
      Plus, it got no hustle to keep it around with you.. so it’s a win win.

      I’m glad you found it as an eye opener.
      Thanks for stopping by, be well.

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