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You know the bands people wear on their wrists that looks like a watch, but then when you give it a second look & you come to a realization “Oh snap, that ain’t no watch…” because sometimes they got futuristic characteristics displayed on it??!

Yeah… that is most probably (but not always though) what we call here in the Fitness Industry “Fitness Tracker”. I used to wear Jawbone Up 24 it helps me tremendously, it even got me into macro counting because I saw where my stupid flaws MANIFESTED. You reading this post about Fitness Trackers Comparison indicates that you are interested to know more. Well say no more, I have gathered some information that hopefully will answer your questions.

Let The Battle Begin

Simply put it, a fitness tracker is a wearable technology device designed specifically to better your overall well being. It goes the mile to take care of the minor thing (“minor” exactly what most of us think unfortunately, but hopefully that will change by the end of this post) that you might have neglected them such as heart rate, sleeping hours and the the quality of it, number of steps taken, your overall calories BURT and many more. Fitness Trackers Comparison, let’s get started!!

Fitbit Charge 3 

Company: Fitbit

Price (as of this post date): $139

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Fitbit Charger 3 got all the basic features a fit dude or a gal will look for in these trackers they are suitable for beginners too. The cool thing about the two fitbit trackers I am mentioning here is that, they show on the app for the ladies their fertility and menstrual cycles so that they would align these courageous days they go through (my highest and humble respects to y’all) with their workouts. Now this one succeed the old one in battery life, water resistance up to 50m, touchscreen technology and other few features.

Last time I checked, there were no date displayed… that could be a problem, because I ain’t got no “time” (get it?!) to look at my phone every now and then during workouts “TIME MANAGEMENT” people. Also, it is a bit of a hustle to reach out for an info you are looking for. In my opinion, it is OK because it is better than the previous model.

Apple Watch Series 4 

Company: Apple

Price (as of this post date): Depending on you needs $349 – 484

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Apple Watch… where my APPLE FANS AT!!!

I myself and few others love to be unique, this is why I keep finding myself drone into Apple products. The Watch is a couple millimeter bigger than Series 3 (older model) and the processor in it as well as the storage is doubled up. It got electrical heart sensor this time, which is a lot more accurate.

Personally, I think this watch is more of a phone than a fitness tracker; I would spend that amount on something else (if you are a workout freak) and get an advanced performing tracker. And by the way, be aware of the magnet on the strap; it is quit annoying near other metals. A reminder for those on a budget, Apple rarely fix staff… they replace, BOY DO THEY DO!! so keep a look out on $$.

Fitbit Ionic Watch 

Company: Fitbit

Price (as of this post date): $279.9

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And here is the second Fitbit tracker, this one is somehow an Adidas edition… bigger and better. This one differs from Fitbit Charge 3 in that, you get workouts right on your wrist from Fitbit coach. Also, you would not require a phone’s GPS to observe real time distance and pace. You can store more than 300 songs and you can access most popular apps you can find within the tracker.

Let’s see, here is something to look for… notifications are important (if you are that person) so when it does not show up, that is a no no and deal breaker. Heart rate accuracy, it could be better; I have seen better.



Garmin Vivoactive 3 

Company: Garmin

Price (as of this post date): $224.57

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Garmin is IN DA HOUSE!! what a sophisticated piece of technology. Here we go… the lens is made of something called Gorilla Glass 3 which is not a joke, it is super tough glass and stainless steel goes all around it. The screen i a bit smaller than the Apple Watch Series 4 which is fine by me. Also, every other features fitness trackers have from the list above this one has it. It is compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems.

Weird but it is true, make sure if you are wearing it on your right wrist, the headphone’s antenna should be on your left ear and vice versa or you will face the consequences song skipping wise, I’m just saying.

FYI, it makes a great gift if you have a golfer lover in your life or a triathlon junkie.

If I were to get one… I am getting this one (not that others are not great; they just do not match up with me and my needs) why?? Because it involves most of both worlds, Gym/Outdoor activities and daily life routine profiles.

Please please PLEASE… don not expect these trackers to be 100% accurate just like everything else in life. There are just there to give you a push into the right road to perfection.

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6 thoughts on “Fitness Trackers Comparison, Which One Speaks To You?

  1. Your article shows several Fitbits to choose from. Different models and brands explaining what they are good for. I don’t know much about them and so I was able to read and gain knowledge about each one. The Apple watch series 4 was my favorite. I also liked the cloth band.

    1. Hello Terri,

      My goal was to provide value contents that will help with the purchase decision.
      Oh I’m a big fan of Apple products, so I know how you feel.

      Thank you

  2. Thank you for this article, I was in the market for a fitbit and truly have been unsure where to look and what to get. This was very useful information in helping me start really nailing down what I want!

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