It's Time to Change
Your LifeStyle

Welcome to “Fitness Plans” page, where all plans are beautifully laid out for you; to choose whatever works best for you… Go ahead and start your healthy lifestyle or get back to it again.

Virtual Training

My only wish is to help anyone who is determined to say “it’s time to change my lifestyle and live it to the fullest“. Unfortunately, I only have 24 hours just like any other human being. That’s why I created “Virtual Training” option to help you out and many others even if we didn’t get to meet, although those who live nearby me, we’ll get to meet-up twice at the beginning and at the end (it’s all up to you).

On Field Training (PT)

This is a limited option for those who live nearby me (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman). Usually I’m fully booked with clients so I cannot make any promises, but contact me nonetheless I might have an opening... I’ll be more than willing to help you achieve your goals as your personal trainer on field.

Once you’re ready to start your journey, I’ve prepared questions which through them I’ll have a better understanding of your situation and goals and through them you’ll choose the plan you desire, if it’s confusing to choose, don't worry it’s not the end of the world, I’m here… I’ll help you out.

Nutrition Plan

OMR 300
  • The Plan is Customized to Your Liking.
  • Lasts You for 8 - 12 Weeks.
  • Contains Recipes & Grocery List.
  • Since You Will be Answering Few Questions, Your End Plan (Diet) Will be Flexible.
  • Contains Your Non-Allergic Foods According to Your Preference.
  • Contains More Than 30 Vitamins & Minerals Combined.
  • Macros & Calories are Calculated According to Your LifeStyle & Goals.
  • Protein Supplementation Guidance, if You Choose to Include Them

Workout Plan

OMR 250
  • The Plan is Customized to Your Equipment Availability (Access to Gym, Dumbbells or Body Alone).
  • Lasts You for 8 - 12 Weeks.
  • Instructions are Available Both in Photos & Videos.
  • Safe & Effective Cardio.
  • Full Body & Split Workouts Depending on Your Goals.
  • Reps & Workout Sets are Calculated to Suit Your Goals.

Goddess Mode

OMR 280
  • The Plan is Customized to Make You Achieve Hour Glass Shape for The Ladies.
  • Workouts for Peach Like Butt & Thick-Toned Legs.
  • Lasts You for 8 - 12 Weeks.
  • Instructions are Available Both in Photos & Videos.
  • Safe & Effective Cardio.

On Field Training (PT)

Welcome again

You either decided to reach me for one-on-one training or just wanted to know what I can do for you. First thing first, we need to meet-up and show you what values & services I can provide; to meet your requirement.
I charge around 300 OMR of a 22 sessions and I'll cut off 15% if you are couples (Couples who train together, stay together).

    Nutrition Plan Example

    Notes & Tips

    I recommend choosing a nutrition plan with a workout plan, your body will not change to your satisfaction by food alone, it needs to transform into a burning machine…

    On the other hand what’s the point of exercising if you have nothing to fuel your body, I recommend choosing a workout plan with a nutrition plan.

    Your body needs a shock after a period of 5-11 weeks it depends on your gens, I’m not going to make you register for another plan unless you see physical changes or either a relative or a stranger complements your physique.

    Don’t spend your money on a follow-up plan (intermediate and advanced), whereas you haven’t fully used up what you have on your current plan.

    Please don’t recommend your plan to someone else; it might cause them harm more than good… meals are calculated carefully (calories wise) and exercises are selected to suits you alone through given questions.

    You may have to own a couple of resistance bands for option “Body Only” in “Workout Plans”.


    Did you enjoy it? Please spread the knowledge :)