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Any extra weight can be a burden to bear after some time especially if it is unwanted. The unwanted weight most of the time is body fat gained in a hasty manner. You see, a gram of fat is equal to nine calories… that is a lot of calories to manage if you are not careful.

In order to get rid of it, the word “Gym” comes into our minds but not everyone have the privilege nor the time to enroll into one of these fitness facilities. Hence, this article on Burn Body Fat at Home in 6 Ways comes in handy.

You can lose fat at home just as much in the gym provided you are on the right path, so I am here to guide you through Burn Body Fat at Home in 6 Ways as thorough as possible.

1. By Building Muscles

Muscle building is to create extra new lines of fiber on to your body and structure it into a well-built burning machine. It can be through exercise most commonly lifting weights.

Increasing muscle mass in the body means increasing yet another source of energy consumption in the body. We get energy generally speaking from two sources, fast energy from carbs we eat and steady energy from our body fat.

So, the more muscle mass we gain the more fat we shed from the body. It could be during exercise, stationary positioning throughout the day or during sleep.

You can start by doing it at home using your body weight choose a space whether on your back / front yard or a room inside the house. Then move into buying weights such as dumbbells and bars for doing basic lifting exercises at home resulting into muscle gaining.

2. By Sleeping Enough

True that exercises and healthy diet are major key point in losing body weight (unwanted fat), but getting adequate sleep is just as much important.

Prior to the first point “By Building Muscle”, good night sleep helps your resting metabolism rate (this is a burning body system while you are at rest) to increase which also helps muscle preservation and waking you up with fresh body, fully motivated and ready to do intense workouts.

At home in the bedroom, clean up any late night snacks because you are not going to need them anymore; sleeping good kills your cravings hormones which eliminate your appetites during those late hours.

3. By Managing The Diet

Every corner of your house should have a snack high in protein, make sure your diet contain protein as the main ingredient. Protein contains 4 calories per 1 gram so it can cover up a big portion of your daily calories, it is also the building blocks of your muscles… more muscles more fat shed.

I cannot express this enough, simple and processed carbs are your worst enemy get rid of them starting in your fridge and kitchen, and replace them all with fibrous carbs.

Give vinegar a shot, I heard it helps a lot even though it has serious side effect if misused but I am sure there plenty of articles out there that can guide you, I will try and write about it after testing it.

Life always start from the inside, so give your body and it’s organs a fear share of caring by supplying it with vitamins, minerals, Probiotics and omegas (fatty acids).

Once you got all the above in order, manage your meals by dividing them through out the day. An average body get hungry every two hours, that should be your role, stuff yourself with managed meals every two to three hours.

4. By Cardio

I believe this phrase comes into your mind whenever the word “fat” is mentioned. Yes… cardio is essential in losing body fat there are going to be hours putting into your schedule to do it.

Cardio comes in many shapes, my favorite is running but not as effective as other methods. If you do not have any issues regarding your overall joint condition, do a sprint it is super effective but if you cannot run swim as much as possible.

Other method is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), this is where you do short bursting exercises very intensely and you only get a short period to recover. Doing this is much suitable for you, seen how you are looking to lose fat at home because you do not even have time to go to the gym, plus it takes little time than other methods of cardio.

5. By Drinking Healthy Intakes

Starting with the main boss… WATER, I cannot express enough how important and easy it is lose weight by drinking water. It is always available around the house and the easiest way to get the best of its benefit is by drinking two cups (if you can) before each meal it will make you full and cut down on your meal size.

Teas… green, black or ginger all are welcomed into your diet. There are multiple benefits you get from them, they contain concentrated amount of antioxidant which increases fat burning and boost metabolism, they promote good HDL cholesterol and they reduce appetite.

Also, there is a common one among some people… coffee. As long as you do not reach addiction levels coffee is your go to beverage in losing weight. It targets your body fat, breaks them apart then use the energy produce for intense exercises.

6. By Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is playing with eating and fasting period windows during a week or a day, it can be by fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours, consuming only 500 (give or take depends on the individual) calories for a whole day twice a week or fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week.

This method got a lot of benefits not only related to fat loss but that one will be on another article. It helps you eat fewer meals, it enhances your hormones which increases body fat burning and fasting itself is a key component to your sufficient metabolism.

Bottom Line

As long as you are motivated to sculpture your body into the temple you desire to worship, nothing is impossible even if you can do it only at home.

I broke down 6 ways for you to lose body fat, from adding healthy meals and beverages to enrolling new techniques to lose body fat with maintaining good and needed healthy habits.

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8 thoughts on “Burn Body Fat at Home in 6 Ways

  1. All are great points, but it is amazing how many people overlook water intake. Not only does it help you feel full through the day, but it also washes the bad stuff out.
    Great article, keep it up!

    1. I totally agree.
      Look at it this way, your body will not allow you to lose amount of water you gave it… unless you replace it with new batch.
      So yeah, definitely “washes the bad stuff out”
      I’m glad you liked it, thank you.

  2. Great content, nowadays there are so many blog about fitness that it’s crazy. But I really like you content and your website in general. Also I like the pictures 🙂 Great job, just keep working.

  3. Hi S. Slim,
    I come to visit your website from WA.
    I couldn’t agree more about “getting adequate sleep is just as much important”. This is an easy way but hard to achieve for who like stay up late just like me…so I will try to clean up all of late night snacks lol, and go to sleep before 11:00 pm. This way can also keep my skin young and healthy.?

    1. Hello again Gigi!

      Thank you for supporting the sleeping habit (yes… I’ve got me a support from a professional beautician lol).
      I have a suggestion, try sleeping early and wake up early (personally I sleep at 8 pm wake-up at 2 or 3 am, weird I know… trust me it’s helpful) then continue with what you do.

      Thank you for stopping by, stay young and healthy.

      Thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’m doing the intermittent fasting now and have been trying to incorporate different methods with this. You have some interesting info and I will keep this handy.

    1. Intermittent fasting doesn’t just help you achieve your fitness goals… it goes beyond the spirituality levels.

      I’m glad you found it handy.

      Thank you.

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