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We all know how teens body go through changes, whether you are one, have been once or deal

ing with teens on a daily basis otherwise you would not be reading Benefits of Physical Activity on Growing

Teenage Bodies right now. I know I remember when my height shot to the roof (6’3) and how much stamina

and strength I gained during that phase, but little I knew how was I supposed to deal with that much power gained instantly.

Hopefully this article will cover some questions and curiosity of you teens, parents or coaches on Benefits of Physical Activity on Growing Teenage Bodies and some of it related aspects.

Range of Benefits

Here are some of the benefits category:

Physical side:

  • Build up massive muscles and strong bones.
  • Control their overall healthy weight.
  • Shape up their body into a healthy correct posture.
  • Daily chores and task becomes piece of cake (daily energy boost).
  • Mobilized and flexible body joints.
  • Maintain a youthful body for longer period.

Mental side:

  • Indulge happiness in all ages.
  • Promote good feelings about them themselves and boost up self confidence.
  • Eliminating anything related to anxiety and depressions.
  • Give mind control over stress.
  • Lead to mental comfort when used as study or sitting breaks.
  • Helps keep the mind focused and concentrated on what is at hand.
  • Replenish memory capability.
  • Make room for learning new skills.
  • Improve restful sleep at night drastically.
  • Open up the mind where in turn gaining more friends and hold on to them.

Inner system side:

  • Produce endorphins hormones which is responsible of calming the mood.
  • Strengthen the heart.
  • Make the lungs more functional and efficient.
  • Heighten teens immune system.
  • Control Blood pressure at all times.
  • Prevent risky diseases such as cancer.
  • Increase HDL blood cholesterol which is a good cholesterol.

Some of These Activities

The good thing about doing activities as a teenager as supposed to an adult, is that there are no restriction on how to do them as long as he or she do them.

Classical workout moves such as pull ups, squats, push ups and crunches all are considered strength training. These and more lifting weights as well as climbing are excellent for muscle mass building which in turn strengthen the bones. Muscle mass also is a key factor on weight control which reflect a strong and healthy body.

In order to get their heart and lungs stronger, aerobics training is the best method out there for them. Sports like soccer, basketball, rowing and tennis are excellent sports for such type of training. Other workouts falls down on the same category like swimming, running and biking. These exercise causes the blood to flow efficiently to all body part through regular heart beating and oxygen pumping of the lungs.

We covered so far two types of training that covers strengthen the heart, the lungs and the rest of muscles but that is not the only purpose of exercises. We need teenagers to do flexibility training to loosen up tight muscles and joints so that they can perform right during activities or life in general. This includes yoga, gymnastic, ballet and karate.

When to Do Them

We all agree that teenage got way too much time on their hand and it need to be neutralize for a better outcome for their own benefits.

One of the best method to ensure a teenager is taking physical activities is through school at the morning period. There are not a single school in the world (at least capable one) that would not part take in some kind of exercise everyday.

Even if there were difficulties during school hours for whatever reasons, parents can enroll their kids to fitness facilities that includes all the above sports and exercise I mentioned above.

Risks of in Inactivity

I listed a lot of activities benefits to encourage every parent, teens or coaches to not take lightly because consequence are in-comprehensive. Inactivity has side effect on all three sides mentioned above starting with mentality, from insomnia (lack of sleep) and unsociable with scattered mind to depression and stresses.

Other more dangerous and life threatening diseases such cancer, immunodeficiency disorder (this were the immune system is super weak) and hypertension which is a bad case of high blood pressure. Inactivity can also cause weak heart and lungs where it could lead to a full time dullness as well as it weakens the bones (osteoporosis syndrome) develop diabetes stages one by one.

In Short,

No matter how you look at it, you are bound to find activity benefits in any perspective especially on growing teenage bodies. Activities can range from sports and fitness facilities enrolls to doing every day chores at home or simply walking to a school.

They can be done anytime and anywhere through the day as long as they do not skip them a lot, because the risk are not an easy joke, from simple or chronicle diseases to a life threatening situations.

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