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Hi and welcome to Your Fitness Checklist, where everything is beautifully laid out for you to checkout your own list and start your healthy lifestyle or get back to it again.

First Step I Took Toward Training

On 17th of July 2006 (I never forget that date), I signed up my self to a local Gym and started on that same day… alone at 17 years old.
I have an Ectomorph body (skinny and long) and I didn’t like that about me, all I can think of is how weak I am and what can I do about it. I started noticing some of my childhood friends and cousins who were just like me, have surprisingly bulked up, so naturally I was curious and wanted what they have… wanted the way. All that they said to me was “Hit the weights and eat more”.

And so my journey started beginning with my older brother’s dumbbells to me joining a Gym.

My Reasons for Helping You

I see overweight people around stuffing them self with unhealthy lifestyle, newbies doing disastrous exercise, new gym members slaking off, coaches with fundamentally messed up principles and many more individuals with clear goals but clearly on the wrong path.
I cannot reach out to each and one of them, but I can at least through my website guide them and show the proper way around a healthy lifestyle.

What I Aim for

I aim to provide you with what I was looking for when I started this healthy lifestyle, a solid foundation that goes with any sort body training with a complete checklist you will follow or get back on track with it.
Any doubts or questions, feel free to mention them below and I will be happy to help you out.

Best of luck,

Coach S. Slim


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